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About the Company

Our company is focused on renting out mobile dynamic proxy servers, but there are also static server proxies in the assortment, or they are also called data center proxies.

Mobile proxies from more than 10 countries of the world:
Russia / Russia
Ukraine / Ukraine
Belarus / Belarusian
Moldova / Moldova
Estonia / Estonian
India / India
Kazakhstan / Kazakhstan
Poland / Poland
Kyrgyzstan / Kyrgyzstan
Spain / Spain
Italy / Italy

Our advantages:
- The rental period is from 4 hours.
- There is a test period.
- Recalculation at any time at the request of the client.
- Refund of funds to your banking details according to your requirements.
- Individual approach for each client (personal discounts).
- Compensation for proxy days in case of proxy downtime.
- Work with legal entities (invoicing and provision of certificates).
- Technical support for 17 hours (from 9 to 02 Moscow time)

Do you want to start your promotion in the social network. networks or do you have your own project on the Internet? Don't want to buy property or rent equipment simply because it is very expensive?

Our company is ready to offer you mobile private proxy servers, as well as server proxy servers for your needs!

Our range includes low-cost server proxies that are suitable for tasks such as parsing, posting, promotion in social networks and much more.

By purchasing the service "Private proxy server rental" in our company, you reduce capital costs for the purchase of expensive server equipment and get the opportunity to spend the released funds on the development of your business.

On all our servers there is a 1Gbit/sec channel, shared (guaranteed bandwidth of 300 mbit/sec).

When buying a proxy, all proxy servers are evenly distributed over more than 50 pieces of server equipment, which allows you to optimally distribute the load and thereby minimize the proxy drop!

At the moment, we provide server proxies of the Russian Federation from different class C subnets, as well as dynamic mobile proxies of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and Europe.

All customers are required to familiarize themselves with the terms of usage and the offer contract



Website:  frigate-proxy.ru

Individual Entrepreneur Baktasheva Anastasiya Yuryevna

ITN: 563102071671

PSRNSP: 321565800014442

Registered on 26.02.2021 by the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No. 10 for Orenburg region

460019, Orenburg, Sharlykskoe sh., d 1/2

License no. L030-00114-77/00145708 for the provision of communication services for data transmission, with the exception of communication services for data transmission for the purposes of voice information transmission.

License registration number: L030-00114-77/00145708

License grant date: “18” April 2022

Phone: +79325409073

E-mail: support@frigate-proxy.ru 

Telegram: https://t.me/frigate_admin