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Site News

On this page of the website will be published the news of the site and recent upgrades.
If you have any suggestions for improving the site's functionality or comments, please contact us

    • Soon

      Updating the site's functionality. In particular, the personal account of the client and server partner. We make working with the site more convenient!

      • 14.01.2020

        We started working productively with our mobile proxy partners!
        we have developed an affiliate account where the client sees statistics on their mobile servers!
        We prepare and administer servers, provide support, and implement a mobile proxy on the machine.
        With the partner purchase of equipment, replenishment of SIM cards, power supply and basic wired Internet.
        The service owns 30% of the revenue , and the rest belongs to the partner.
        Withdrawal of funds on request or after the client has purchased a proxy from the partner's server.
        For more information, contact the support service!
      • 17.11.2019

        We have started renting out private mobile proxies in automated mode with the division of access to sites. The minimum rental period is 1 day.
      • 28.08.2019

        Optimized the site code. The site started working faster. Loading your personal account has become significantly faster!

        Added email verification during registration. There were numerous cases of registration for fake mail!
      • 12.08.2019

        Corrected the pricing policy for product subcategories! Prices have become significantly lower for the subcategories "Odnoklassniki", "YouTube"," Telegram","Twitter"!
      • 28.07.2019

        Added a function to set a single username / password for all proxies of all customer orders. Working with a proxy is now easier!

      • 24.07.2019

        Corrected the work of the mobile version of the site! Responsive design works to the fullest. You can order, extend, and download a proxy from your personal account on your mobile device.
      • 15.07.2019

        At the request of the client, we added information to the orders. It has become more informative and easier to navigate by orders.
      • 07.07.2019

        1. Added ip authorization for all proxy categories. Now ip authorization or login and password authorization is available on the proxy.

        You can add up to 3 ip addresses for authorization.

      • 23.06.2019

        1. Fixed the "Partner program" section. Referrals are assigned to the partners and the partner's reward is credited to the personal account of the client (see statistics)!

        2. When buying a proxy, you can enter a promo code and see the final amount to be paid (the "apply" button")

        3. When you log in to your personal account, you can see which email was authorized (login from the site)
      • 19.06.2019

        1. Made it possible to upload two proxy formats (http/socks)

        Now it's easier to download a proxy of the desired format!

        There is also a function to remove the proxy from the order.

        If you no longer need a proxy, you can delete it from your personal account!



        We combined all proxies for orders into deployable panels.

        Now it's easier to navigate by orders!

        You can find the required order and expand it, thus you will see all the proxies contained in

        this order!

        You can also select all proxies for one order or several orders and perform the necessary actions with them!


        3. Corrected the work of comments to the proxy. Now comments are saved and you can tag your proxies!