Service overview

Service overview

While buying proxies you should decide what you need proxies for and select the appropriate proxy type and subcategory. For example "For social media", "Vkontakte". Read the product description carefully!

The pricing policy is designed for specific volumes, the more you buy, the lower the price for a proxy is!

After payment, proxies are activated and will appear in your merchant profile in the "My proxies" section.

Personal account is available after verification by E-mail!

Let’s consider the functionality of your personal account!

Section “My Proxies”

Each order is assigned a unique ID. When you click on an order, it expands, where you can see your rented proxies.

By selecting all proxies from the order (s) or multiple proxies, you can perform bulk actions such as:

- renew selected proxies

- download selected proxies (http / s protocol)

- download selected proxies (socks5 protocol)

- set authorization by IP

- remove authorization by IP, if it is installed on a proxy

- remove selected proxies

To select one of the actions, you need to mark the proxy, click "Select action" and after that the "Run" button.

When you check the box "Same logins / passwords", all purchased proxy will change the logins and passwords to the same. Login and password are selected the one from those which are already available on your proxy.
Attention!!! If you want to return different logins and passwords to the proxies and uncheck the box, then new logins and passwords will be generated.

The section "My orders" displays all the orders that you have placed.

In the "Profile" section you can change the password of your personal account. To change your E-mail (login) from your personal account, write to technical support.

The section "Technical support" contains methods of feedback.

In the section "Affiliate program" you will see your affiliate link and affiliate materials. There is also a personal coupon that allows you to fix a partner without using a direct ref. link.

A client who uses your coupon receives a 5% discount on a purchase, and you earn 10% of all purchases that the partner will make throughout the time! The client is automatically attached to your account as your referral.